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  1. Students’ Social Service (KKN) is for students having already been through 90 credits of subject courses and passed all those courses.
  2. KKN is fully handled by Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) UGM, and thus all the processes from the preparation until the completion of the program become the responsibility of this institute.
  3. KKN runs in odd semester, even semester, and in-between semester.
  4. KKN runs for two months or more depending on the policy of LPPM UGM.
  5. KKN has two models i.e. Regular and Thematic.
  6. Students can choose Thematic Social Service (Thematic KKN) by forming a group of interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary students as the group members.
  7. The object of thematic KKN can be made a skripsi topic by the permission of the consultant lecturer.
  8. When the Field Consultant Lecturer (DPL) is a department lecturer as well, he/she can be a skripsi consultant with the topic taken from a thematic KKN.