1. A undergraduate thesis exam enlistment is academically possible when:
    • the consultant gives approval on it.
    • student has passed all the subject courses.
    • student is graded minimum C for all department mandatory courses.
  2. Enlistment can be done online through this address: http://www.academics.feb.ugm.ac.id.
  3. Student submits the undergraduate thesis approved by the consultant. The approval statement must be written “approved and eligible to be tested”.
  4. Documents are turned in to the Academic Office of FEB UGM during work hours and consist of:
    • three (3) copies of the undergraduate thesis already approved by the consultant, and covered with red plastic
    • Undergraduate thesis Consultation Sheet (KBS)
    • Course Taking Sheet (KRS)
    • four (4) 3x4cm sized black-and-white photos
    • 1 copy of High School Certificate
    • plus 1 copy of D3 certificate for transfer program students.
    • plus 1 copy of TOEFL or IELTS score reports for IUP students (TOEFL= 550 and IELTS= 6.0)
    • Arrears Free Notice of Tuition Fee and Operation Fee from FEB Finance Office.
  5. Enlistment opens from day 21 until 25 every month.
  6. Enlistment for re-exam (undergraduate thesis and theory)
    • Students who are declared FAILED in both undergraduate thesis and Theory have to enlist for undergraduate thesis and theory exam in accordance with terms no. 2 and 4.
    • Students who are declared FAILED in undergraduate thesis are allowed to enlist via online for a undergraduate thesis re-exam, and when there are things to revise, there must be revision approval notification from the consultant to attach.
    • Students who are declared FAILED in theory are allowed to enlist via online for a theory re-exam and show the exam card. When there are things to revise, there must be revision approval notification from the consultant to attach.
  7. Exam is held on the third week every month in FEB campus
  8. There are three lecturers consisting of one consultant lecturer and two other examiners to become Board of Examiners.
  9. In the case of student’s absence for the exam, only with valid and serious reasons such as hospitalization and/or family emergency matter is re-enlistment for the exam in the following month possible.
  10. In the case of invalid reasons and without prior notice, the concerned student is suspended for at least two months.
  11. At the start of the exam is student required to:
    • show his/her valid student card
    • hand in exam card to the chairman of Board of Examiners
    • sign a letter of statement stating the originality of the work
  12. Graduation Exam has two parts: undergraduate thesis exam and theory exam.
  13. A time span of 10-15 minutes is allocated for student to give undergraduate thesis presentation during the undergraduate thesis exam.
  14. A time span of maximally 10 minutes is given to each examiner to ask questions, and thus the total time for undergraduate thesis exam per student is 45 minutes.
  15. The aspects graded in undergraduate thesis exam are (1) work quality and (2) ability to present and defend the research results from the questions or objections of the board of examiners.
  16. There are 14 points to evaluate the quality of a undergraduate thesis.
  17. There are 8 points to evaluate the quality presentation and discussion.
  18. Scale of assessment for undergraduate thesis exam is presented in three initial numbers: (1) 1 meaning less, (2) 2 meaning enough, and (3) 3 meaning more than enough.
  19. New terms to give final grade have been applied since 1 November 2014, and they are as follows: (1) Grade A = 170-198, (2) Grade A- = 149-169, (3) Grade B+ = 129-148, and (4) Grade B = 109-128.
  20. For theory exam, a time span of maximally 10 minutes is given to each member of board of examiners. Thus, there will totally be 30 minutes for every student to run the exam.
  21. For theory exam, three aspects are assessed: (1) materials mastery, (2) analysis and logic capability, and (3) fluency in reply.
  22. Scale of assessment used for theory exam is 3+ for each aspect of assessment.
  23. Student must gain at least 15+ from three examiners to successfully pass the theory exam.
  24. Having failed three times consecutively for the recurrence of graduation exam, students are given counseling service by the study program board to be more prepared.