1. Students may take undergraduate thesis only when they:
    • have already passed Business Research Method subject course
    • have already passed Seminar of the elective course taken
    • have already passed all the mandatory subject courses
    • have no more than 2 (two) Department not-mandatory courses
    • have already passed Anti Plagiarism Workshop
  2. Every student has one lecturer as a undergraduate thesis consultant.
  3. Students officially get undergraduate thesis consultants when officially taking a subject course Seminar.
  4. During the undergraduate thesis writing process, students are obliged to at least have 8 (eight) meetings of consultation.
  5. When approved by their undergraduate thesis Consultants, students may propose to change their undergraduate thesis status into undergraduate thesis linkage, meaning that their undergraduate thesis is a collaborative research between the student and the consultant for the sake of joint publication.
  6. When students are proven plagiarizing in composing undergraduate thesis, their documents are officially declared invalid, meaning that they have to restart composing another new undergraduate thesis. Consequently, they will maximally be graded B for their undergraduate thesis exam.
  7. Students can apply to have replacement on their undergraduate thesis consultants after getting permission from the formerly designated consultants.
  8. In composing and writing undergraduate thesis, students must obey the manual determined by their undergraduate thesis consultants.
  9. Before passing the undergraduate thesis exam, students have to pay the tuition fee and do registration for course taking every semester.