Internship Program

The program is aimed to build students readiness to plunge into world of workforces, to strengthen understanding on management and to give the best practice experience. Internship program has started since 1 January 2014 with a status “SUGGESTED”. The number of semester credits is six and can be used to replace two mandatory courses namely (1) Entrepreneurship and (2) Business Planning by way of credit transfer. The internship program valid to get credit transfer shall meet the following criteria:

  1. National scaled companies are priority. Selecting companies for the program must be under the permission of Head of Department.
  2. Internship program has 60 effective working days to run in accordance with company’s regulation.
  3. Direct supervisor uses scoring form provided by Department to score the apprentice. Another score is taken from the student’s internship report by assessor lecturer. The average of the two scores becomes the final grade of internship program for students.

Students wanting to have credits transfer of internship program must in prior report and enlist to Head of Department.