1. With similar terms and conditions, students can choose an internship undergraduate thesis rather than regular undergraduate thesis.
  2. Internship undergraduate thesis means that students conduct a managerial activity such as functioning management on projects, programs, or certain units of activities for at least 8 working weeks or 40 working days in partner companies.
  3. All the experiences during conducting the internship program are written to be scientific papers in three alternating forms in accordance with category of internship experiences gained:
    • Applied research
    • Business Planning
    • Business Projects Managing
  4. After completing the 8 working weeks or 40 working days, students turn in an internship report containing work attendance list validated by the management of the company where they conduct the program.
  5. Registration begins when students enlist the subject course Seminar. In this course, they will gain lecturing materials emphasizing on applied research. At the same time, students have enough time to find any partner companies for their internship program.
  6. Similar to the classic undergraduate thesis model, a consultant lecturer is provided at the time the subject course Seminar is taken.
  7. Company selection for internship must be under the permission of the consultant lecturer referring to the criteria of companies as the location of internship.
  8. Criteria for company to be an internship location:
    • a company with a business scale of at least equal to medium enterprises as defined in Law Number 20 year 2008 on micro, small, and medium enterprises.
      • Company has net asset of more than Rp. 500.000.000,- (five hundred million rupiahs) until Rp.,- (ten billion rupiahs) for the highest, excluding land and building; or
      • Company has annual sale of more than Rp. 2.500.000.000,- (Twenty five hundred millions rupiah) until Rp.,- (fifty billion rupiah) for the highest.
    • five companies with a small business scale, as defined in Law Number 20 year 2008 on micro, small, and medium enterprises, in one area of business center.
  9. When there is a kinship connection between students and the company’s owner or leaders, there will be inspection every two weeks conducted by academic officers of FEB UGM to ensure objectivity.
  10. The officially valid writing style for internship undergraduate thesis is as follows:
    • Applied research model uses a writing style now still applied in classic undergraduate thesis.
    • Business Planning Model uses the following writing style (download).
    • A Business Project Management Model uses the following writing style (download).