1. Terms for students to join Mid Semester Exam (UTS) and Final Exam (UAS)
    • Not having late status of borrowed books from the library of FEB UGM
    • Bringing already officially stamped exam sheets
    • Bringing valid student card
    • Having attendance percentage of minimum 75% for Final Exam (UAS)
  2. Students must come to the class in time in accordance with the valid schedule.
  3. Students must not come late for the exam more than 15 minutes long.
  4. Students can only bring stationary and rulers when doing exams.
  5. All bags and belongings including cell phones and electronic gadgets must be placed in front space of the exam room.
  6. Students may bring textbooks and articles when the course lecturer officially states that the exam is an open book one.
  7. Students must do the exam with only blue-or-black-inked pens on the official answer sheets provided by the authority.
  8. Students may leave the exam room when finished with the work.
  9. During the completion of the exam, students must not mutually communicate by way of body language, facial language, or verbal language.
  10. During the completion of the exam, students must not borrow and/or lend stationery.
  11. Students proven violating the official terms during the completion of their exams fail in their courses.
  12. Students fail to join exams due to hospitalization will have special treatments with two options to exchange the exams:
    • assignment, or
    • lessening the exam score weight
  13. Students fail to join exams not because of being hospitalized will not have special treatments and are claimed to fail in their exams. However, as long as their attendance percentage reaches 75% upwards, still they will get the final score based on the calculation of all the scores excluding final exam score.