FEB UGM has introduced the FEB Way managing students dress code at campus. Students must dress up cleanly, neatly, politely, and simply.

A. Daily Academic Activities

For official daily academic activities such as lecturing and tutorial classes, things strictly prohibited to wear are:

  1. all types of T-shirt without collar
  2. shorts or mini skirts
  3. all types of sandals
  4. over make-up
  5. over jewelries

In order to get rid of social envy, during joining campus activities, students are not allowed to drive luxurious vehicles.

B. Dress code for Graduation Exam

Students are obliged to wear one of these two types of dress:

  1. minimum dress code:
    • Male: long-sleeved white shirt, black tie, black trousers, and formal shoes
    • Female: long-sleeved white shirt, black skirt, and formal shoes
  2. “Business Look” Dress Code:
    • Male: long-sleeved white shirt, bright colored tie with formal patterns (striped or plain), suit/dark trousers, and formal shoes
    • Female: formal gown with dark blazer and formal shoes
    • ATTENTION: Dark color means black, dark grey, dark blue, and dark brown