There are three methods of credit transfer related to Student Exchange Program, International Academic Exposure Program, and Internship Program.

A. International Student Exchange Program
Students joining exchange program at partner universities are obliged to do and understand the following things:

  1. Consult with department board concerning subject courses to take at partner universities for the sake of credits transfer so that the courses are equal to those mandatory at the department.
  2. Credits transfer refers to courses aimed for learning and to similar course materials despite different names.
  3. When the subject courses at partner universities are not equal to department mandatory courses, through verification process by department board and curriculum committee, discretion is given for credits transfer to elective courses as many as 6 credits or two courses excluding Seminar.
  4. Courses unable to get credits transfer can still be listed in academic transcript sheet through official proposal to department board.

B. Local Student Exchange Program
Beginning on 1 January 2014, students of S1 Regular Program of FEB-UGM are allowed to take student exchange program at IUP FEB-UGM with maximum six credits to transfer per semester for the department mandatory courses. Students applying for the program must have GPA of at least 3.00 and TOEFL score above 550 (IELTS score above 6.5).

C. International Academic Exposure Program
Students joining International Academic Exposure Program (three credits) get three credits transfer to exchange International Business course.

D. Managerial Internship Program
Students with at least 4-semester study time are allowed to join Managerial Internship Program after having verification from department board. The credits transfer reaches 6 credits to replace 2 mandatory subject courses namely (1) Entrepreneurship and (2) Business Planning.