1. Class lecturing takes 50 minutes per credit of semester .
  2. A class with less than five students is classified as a Small Class and is run for only eight meetings.
  3. A class with at least five students is classified as a Big Class and is run for 14 meetings.
  4. A class having three credits takes 2.5 hours for every meeting.
  5. A class having two credits takes 1.5 hours for every meeting.
  6. Students are required to 100% attend each class in a whole semester.
  7. Students attending a class less than 75% without valid reasons (for examples: being sick supported by physician notice or carrying out official duties from faculty/university) are prohibited join the Final Exam (UAS).
  8. Students of a big class (14 meetings) attending less than 10 meetings will have no right to be graded.
  9. Students of a small class (8 meetings) attending less than six meetings will have no right to be graded.
  10. Students must come to the class in time in accordance with the valid lecturing schedule.
  11. Students coming more than 15 minutes late are not allowed to enter the classroom, and are regarded absent.
  12. Students must sign the lecturing attendance list.
  13. Students proven forgetting signing the lecturing attendance list must use Attendance Confirmation Form validated by the course lecturer.
  14. During the class lecturing, students can go to lavatory under the permission of the teaching lecturer.
  15. When a student is absent but asks a classmate to sign for attendance, both of them will fail in their course when proven.
  16. Students must bring any textbooks decided for every lecturing process.
  17. Students fail to do their exams due to hospitalization will have two options of treatment to exchange the exams:
    • assignment, or
    • lessening the exam score weight
  18. Students proven plagiarizing in their paper assignment will automatically fail in their course.