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Welcome to Management Undergraduate Program of FEB-UGM. Undergraduate programs have a very important strategic value in our national education system. This program is the minimum end point to escort our youths plunging into the work fields life. They may then run any career they desire to have.

During 8 semesters every student will have been educated within a comprehensive education process to sustainably develop their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual intelligence in a balance way.

With adequate educational infrastructures, highly qualified lecturers, innovative curricula, positive culture of teaching and learning process, and both national and international networking, we have a great expectation to have qualified business management graduates able to compete either nationally or internationally. Since 10 May 2014, FEB-UGM has gained international accreditation specifically for business school i.e. AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business) which is considered as the best accreditation system in the world. FEB UGM is the first school in Indonesia to have the accreditation, and the eighth in South-East Asia.

I hope that through this undergraduate program we can significantly contribute in the process of educating this nation.